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Harland Brown Humidors

The finest ammo can humidor you can buy

The finest ammo can humidor you can buy

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A brand-new, uncirculated .50 caliber ammo can converted into a humidor.

This ammo can humidors holds 75 cigars. If you’re looking for a larger ammo can humidor, please see my other listings.

They are nearly indestructible and feature a secure flip open lid with a rubber seal around the rim – making ammo can humidors 100% waterproof and air-tight. There is no better container for a humidor.

Interior is lined with Spanish cedar and Honduran mahogany.

Price includes shipping, a Cigar Caddy 75 humidifier and humidifier solution.

**Locking hardware does not include lock**

**Custom decals are available upon your request for a quote. Please select the personalization option to describe what you'd like to begin the design process.**
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