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Harland Brown Humidors

Picasso inspired ashtray

Picasso inspired ashtray

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Picasso inspired ashtray.

Often overlooked, the ashtray ought to be something interesting to look at, while enjoying a cigar. This ashtray will never leave you feeling like you’ve seen every intricacy.

Large ashtray, ten inches diameter, over two inches tall.

Cigar perches are perfectly fit for cigars from forty-eight to sixty-four ring gauge.

Composed of many materials exotic and domestic, in all sorts of dazzling geometries. Walnut, Ash, Spalted Maple, Walnut Burl, Curly Maple, Quarter-Sawn White Oak, Purple Heartwood, Red Heartwood, Teak, Chakte Viga, Padauk, Canarywood, Red Oak, Zebrawood and more.

This ashtray features copious amounts of traditional nitrocellulose lacquer, and has been meticulously wet-sanded and hand polished to a mirror shine. The black glass inset prevents scorching when extinguishing your cigar.

This ashtray is one of two, signed, and ready to ship. It will arrive in a hand-stitched linen bag.

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