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Harland Brown Humidors

Apache 4800 Pelican 1520 type rugged humidor

Apache 4800 Pelican 1520 type rugged humidor

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A rugged humidor for the most discerning cigar enthusiast.

This humidor is made from the more budget, and more environmentally conscious Apache 4800 case, offered by Harbor Freight.

The Apache 4800 is a hard-core, heavy duty, waterproof case offered by harbor freight, made from recycled materials, which is highly resistant to weather, water, temperature, pressure, and shock, making it absolutely ideal for storing your finest cigars in. The only thing missing: a finely finished interior of Spanish Cedar.

Enter Harland Brown, with the answer.

This humidor features Powerport technology, putting a USB at your disposal inside the humidor, with an input outside, so it can be plugged into your home, cabin, rv, car, truck, or SUV! You can go where this humidor can’t!

This is the first truly portable solution for a Cigar Oasis smart humidifier, which just so happens to be the industry leader in smart humidifier technology. Set it and forget it, with your smartphone app, WiFi, and app-based notifications.

These humidors are available in several colors, including black, orange, yellow, sand, and green.

Each humidor is made by hand, one at a time, please allow for up to 14 days before shipping.

Please don’t hesitate to message me with any questions.

If you want to see just how safe your cigars will be in this case, see the torture test video:

Thank you!
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